A leading salt producer in South India; who are in the salt manufacturing business since 2015. We are one of the pioneers in manufacturing solar salt, The passion for excellence and desire for growth and development has kept the company on top of its competitors.
The core competence of the company is in the manufacturing quality salt, We meet all the requirements for manufacturing Quality salt under the PFA ACT. We follow HACCP procedures in all our manufacturing processes. We continuously monitor the quality of all our products. We are known for our quality products supplied in South India.
We specialize in manufacturing edible salt for human consumption Our quality specifications can be suited to meet the requirement of our clients. We improve ourselves constantly from the feedback of our customers and clients. We AMRIT(Product Of RJ ORGANIC) trive to provide the best quality products at all times.

AMRIT has been specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than ordinary is generally accepted that lower sodium in diets may assist in management of high blood pressure. AMRIT encourages to be fit by encouraging to follow a regular exercises routine. With AMRIT you need not compromise on the taste of your food. its consistent salt level ensures that you add life to your dishes every time. AMRIT contains requisite amount of iodine which helps in proper mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults.

RJ ORGANIC INDIA introduces a new product IODISED SALT
that ensures fit and healthy life for people